Song of the Day #2,959: ‘Hurt Again’ – Mary J. Blige

mary_blige_growing_painsI have nothing meaningful to say about today’s Random Weekend selection so instead I will present, unedited, a YouTube comment about this song by one Keiosha Alieon:

“There’s a guy in my life that I feel is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He’s caring and protective, sensitive but masculine, he’s funny and compassionate & I have so much love to give but he doesn’t want a commitment & I’m almost 100% sure his feelings for me are nowhere near those I have for him. And I want to leave to spare my self some heart ache but at the same time I want to stay on the off chances that he changes. He says he wants to take things slow but I feel that’s just a trap to keep me here but who knows. Only time will tell. ‘But, I been there and I done that & I promised never to get hurt again.'”

Hope things worked out for you, Keiosha!

Sometimes I really don’t wanna have to speak my mind
Cause I really don’t wanna tell you how I
Am digging you so
I can’t let go
But it hurts me to my soul
To tell you every little thing that is on my mind
I can’t let you know so I hide it inside
All my feelings for you
Don’t want you to
Let it go to your head

I’m mean to you sometimes
But I can’t get you off my mind
So I hit you with the game
Always tryna act like your lovin doesn’t phase me
When the truth is that it amaze me
You know it’s a big lie
Cause you can see right through my eyes
How much I wanna hold you
Give you all my love and baby boy
Let me show you
And I really wanna get to know you


But I’ve been there
And I’ve done that
And I’ve promised never to get hurt again, never again
You drive me crazy but I promised myself
Never to get hurt again, never again

I can’t never ever let you see me this way
So I take all my feelings
And I tuck em away
Fronting like I don’t want you to hold me tight
So I act like I’m putting up a fight
To get your attention
And make you stay around longer
So I tell you I don’t like it
Cause I know that that will make you wanna hold me tighter
I can’t help myself I really like ya


I don’t deserve it
I can never get hurt again never get hurt again
Never never

I don’t deserve it I could never get hurt again
Never get hurt again
Never, oooo

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,959: ‘Hurt Again’ – Mary J. Blige

  1. Dana says:

    Maybe you should post on YouTube asking for a status report.😄

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