Song of the Day #2,959: ‘Hurt Again’ – Mary J. Blige

mary_blige_growing_painsI have nothing meaningful to say about today’s Random Weekend selection so instead I will present, unedited, a YouTube comment about this song by one Keiosha Alieon:

“There’s a guy in my life that I feel is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He’s caring and protective, sensitive but masculine, he’s funny and compassionate & I have so much love to give but he doesn’t want a commitment & I’m almost 100% sure his feelings for me are nowhere near those I have for him. And I want to leave to spare my self some heart ache but at the same time I want to stay on the off chances that he changes. He says he wants to take things slow but I feel that’s just a trap to keep me here but who knows. Only time will tell. ‘But, I been there and I done that & I promised never to get hurt again.'”

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Song of the Day #1,534: ‘Just Fine’ – Mary J. Blige

Here’s a song from one of the five or six albums in my CD collection that belong exclusively to my wife. I have never heard this song or this album before, and I listened to only about half of it just now before posting it.

R&B is definitely not in my musical genome. I have zero patience for this sort of music. I would crawl across broken glass to get within ten feet of Beyoncé, but I find only a few of her songs listenable. And Mary J. Blige? Not even on my radar.

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