Song of the Day #2,466: ‘Grass’ – XTC

skylarkingHere’s the second track from XTC’s excellent 1986 album Skylarking. It’s probably been more than a decade since I listened to any part of this album, and longer than that since I listened to it in full.

Actually, that’s not true. About seven or eight years ago I embarked on a mission to listen to every single one of my CDs in their entirety. The goal was to decide which ones I would keep and which I could sell back. It took me several months and my listening spanned several states (a northeastern road trip helped the cause, though I could only listen to some albums while my wife and kids were sleeping).

So I must have listened to Skylarking then, and obviously it made the cut. As well it should.

Laying on the grass my heart it flares like fire
The way you slap my face just fills me with desire
You play hard to get
‘Cause you’re teacher’s pet
But when the boats have gone
We’ll take a tumble excuse for a fumble
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
If you fancy we can buy an ice-cream cone
Your mate has gone
She didn’t want to be alone
I will pounce on you
Just us and the cuckoos
You are helpless now
Over and over we flatten the clover
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
It would shock you too the things we used to do on grass
Grass, grass.
Things we did on grass

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,466: ‘Grass’ – XTC

  1. Dana says:

    Great album. Glad it made the cut.😄

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