Song of the Day #3,242: ‘When I Look at the World’ – U2

One interesting aspect of U2, one of the most popular rock acts of all time, is that they’re essentially a Christian rock band.

Most Christian rock bands explicitly market themselves as such, rather than seeking a wider audience. Presumably, they see their music as a form of proselytizing. U2 doesn’t do that. But so many of their songs are about a relationship with God that they certainly could have gone down that path.

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Song of the Day #2,360: ‘When I Look at the World’ – Lucinda Williams


Best Songs of 2014 – #16
‘When I Look at the World’ – Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams’ sprawling double album, Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, is a lot to wrap my brain around.

It certainly contains some throwaway tracks — I can easily imagine this release pared down to a stellar single disc — but in its ambitious, oversized form it feels at times like a summation of her impressive career.

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