Song of the Day #3,794: ‘Watch Your Step’ – Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello produced my second-favorite album of 1981, and just a few months earlier, he released my favorite.

Costello’s fifth album, Trust, is similar to Squeeze’s East Side Story in that it’s a New Wave record dabbling in a host of other genres. Squeeze lead singer Glenn Tilbrook even duets with Costello on the fun track ‘From a Whisper to a Scream.’

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Song of the Day #2,703: ‘(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace’ – Low

low_trustWrapping up my look back at 2002 is a song from Low’s sixth studio album, Trust. Low is a Minnesota-based trio that performs a genre sometimes called slowcore or sadcore.

Think crawling tempos, lots of reverb, depressing lyrics. You know, for kids.

Allow me to pause to acknowledge my parents’ 50th anniversary, which they’re celebrating today. I hoped to find an appropriate song with which to acknowledge the milestone, but I wound up with a 8-minute dirge about heroin addiction. Sorry, mom and dad!

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Song of the Day #864: ‘From a Whisper to a Scream’ – Elvis Costello

It’s tough deciding which Trust track to highlight next. They’re all so good, and good in such different ways.

Do I go for the soulful ‘Watch Your Step,’ which feels like the older brother of Get Happy!!‘s ‘Secondary Modern’? The frantic drum and piano jam ‘Lovers Walk’? Closing track ‘Big Sister’s Clothes,’ which sounds to me like a perfect pop song being transmitted through outer space?

I could go with any of those, and a few others besides.

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Song of the Day #863: ‘Clubland’ – Elvis Costello

In 1981, Elvis Costello kept up his album-a-year pace and released Trust. The album was the polar opposite of Get Happy!! — the focused and consistent R&B of the earlier record replaced by a stylistic smorgasbord.

Trust skips between pop, rock, jazz and country, occasionally within the same song. It’s an explosion of creativity that paved the way for Costello’s future musical experimentation and, for my money, his fourth or fifth best album.

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