Song of the Day #1,798: ‘My Wandering Days Are Over’ – Belle & Sebastian

tigermilkIn looking for good songs to feature this week, I was surprised to see that I hadn’t posted a Belle & Sebastian song for 6 months, and only two in the past year.

I was even more surprised to learn that I’d never featured today’s SOTD, ‘My Wandering Days Are Over,’ one of Belle & Sebastian’s signature songs and a favorite of mine.

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Song of the Day #186: ‘Mary Jo’ – Belle & Sebastian

tigermilkI’ve decided to dedicate future theme weeks, at least for the time being, to five songs by the same artist or band. And to get us started, I’ve chosen everybody’s favorite Scottish septet, Belle and Sebastian. (Is there a Scottish septet you like better? If so, please let me know).

If I was forced at gunpoint to pick a favorite band (unlikely, sure, but it could happen) I wouldn’t hesitate too long before naming Belle and Sebastian. R.E.M. would be a close second, and of course one can’t forget The Beatles, but I have experienced more awe, joy and pathos courtesy of this group than any other. Over the course of seven albums and more than a dozen EPs, they have crafted some of the finest music I’ve ever heard.

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