Song of the Day #3,234: ‘Tin Man’ – Miranda Lambert vs. Bob Dylan

This is the Montauk madness first round matchup I’ve been dreading since I first peeked ahead at the random seedings.

It’s not that the decision between Miranda Lambert and Bob Dylan is ultimately all that difficult (Dylan gets my vote). I just hate to see Lambert exit so early. I adore this woman so much that she should be an Elite Eight or even Final Four contender, but the hand of fate will have her on the sidelines before the games have even begun.

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Song of the Day #3,129: ‘Runnin’ Just in Case’ – Miranda Lambert

miranda_lambert_weight_wingsYesterday I wrote that BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade topped nearly every 2016 top ten list. But it only made it to #2 on mine because Miranda Lambert released her best album yet, continuing her pattern of topping herself with every new release.

The Weight of These Wings is a double album and the first creative output for Lambert since her divorce from fellow country superstar Blake Shelton, and it continues the tradition of great break-up albums.

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Song of the Day #2,936: ‘Vice’ – Miranda Lambert

miranda_lambert_viceFew things get me quite as giddy as the prospect of new music from Miranda Lambert. And given the high-profile break-up of her marriage to fellow country superstar Blake Shelton, her next album promises to be a doozy.

Will she be in full hell-on-heels mode, seeking unholy revenge like the heroine of one of her early country-rock songs? Or will she be resigned and defeated, like in ‘Dead Flowers,’ where she achingly sang that “he ain’t feeling anything… my love, my hurt or the sting of this rain?”

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