Song of the Day #3,464: ‘The Last Jedi Theme’ – John Williams

The next category of 2017 films I’ll mention are ‘Superhero Movies.’ Though several of these films feature actual comic book superheroes, I’m using the phrase more broadly to include any movie about people (or apes) with extraordinary abilities.

First, a few movies I have yet to see: John Wick 2, in which Keanu Reeves kills the few people on Earth he failed to kill in the first John Wick; Atomic Blonde, in which Charlize Theron channels her inner Keanu Reeves (or maybe he’s been channeling his inner Charlize Theron); Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which I’ll eventually see because I love my daughter; and Good Time, which probably doesn’t fit in this category at all but deserves a mention somewhere so this will have to do.

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