Song of the Day #4,607: ‘The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis (Alternate Mix)’ – Ben Folds

It’s been five years since Ben Folds’ last album release, and that one (2015’s So There) was a collaboration with a chamber orchestra, with half of its running time dedicated to an instrumental suite.

That makes it a full decade since his last full-length release, 2010’s Lonely Avenue, and on that album he handed the lyrical reins to novelist Nic Hornby. Which makes it 12 years since Folds released an album of his own material. That was 2008’s Way to Normal, a decent collection but one that too often found Folds relying on sophomoric humor.

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Song of the Day #3,088: ‘Boxing (Demo)’ – Ben Folds Five

folds_retrospectiveI guess the Random iTunes Fairy got a hankering for Ben Folds after yesterday’s post.

Here is an early demo version of the track ‘Boxing,’ which later found a spot as the final track on Ben Folds Five’s brilliant debut album.

This track was included on the 3-disc album The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective, which contains a bunch of goodies every Ben Folds fan should want.

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Song of the Day #1,251: ‘Amelia Bright’ – Ben Folds Five

I’m against retrospective box sets on principle. If I’m a big fan of an artist, I own everything he or she has released and probably a few odds and ends picked up on the Web along the way as well. Invariably, the contents of a career-spanning release will be 90% redundant with what I already have.

For that reason, I initially decided not to buy Ben Folds’ 3-disc set, The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective.

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