Song of the Day #4,232: ‘Komm, gib mir deine┬áHand’ – The Beatles

Another of my favorite musical movie moments from 2019 came in the opening sequence of writer/director Taikia Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit.

After getting a pep talk from his imaginary friend, a childlike version of Adolf Hitler played by Waititi himself, young Nazi Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) takes to the streets, enthusiastically heiling everyone he sees. Then the opening credits run over scenes of Germany in the throes of Nazi fervor set to The Beatles’ German-language version of ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand.’

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Song of the Day #3,789: ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey’ – The Beatles

Today’s Random Weekend track is proof that even The Beatles’ throwaway songs were pretty excellent.

‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey,’ a John Lennon track from Side Three of 1968’s “White Album,” is distinctive for boasting the band’s longest-ever song title and not much else. But it does rock, and the instrumentation is spot on (listen to Paul’s wicked bass line).

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Song of the Day #3,725: ‘I’ll Get You’ – The Beatles

‘I’ll Get You’ is an early Beatles track released in 1963 as the B-side of ‘She Loves You’ but not appearing on any of their official album releases.

Listening to the opening lines of this simple pop track (“Imagine I’m in love with you”), it’s hard to believe John Lennon would be singing “Imagine there’s no heaven” just eight years later. These guys lived a lifetime in less than a decade.

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Song of the Day #3,442: ‘Something’ – The Beatles

With me as their father, it’s impossible for my girls to have escaped The Beatles during their formative years. I sang both of them to bed with ‘Blackbird’ and ‘In My Life,’ regaled them with the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack, and just this year took them to the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performance of LOVE.

But Fiona expanded her Beatles education on her own through theme episodes of Glee, which she has streamed extensively on Netflix.

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Song of the Day #3,425: ‘Something/Blue Jay Way [Transition]’ – The Beatles

When George Martin and his son Giles were tasked with crafting the soundtrack to The Beatles’ Cirque Du Soleil show, LOVE, they must have lit up like kids in a candy shop.

The producers had free rein to cull recordings from the entire Beatles catalog, both released and unreleased, and twist it all together into something new. The result is a brilliant mash-up of familiar songs made fresh, and an eye-popping performance I was luck enough to see performed in Las Vegas this past summer.

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