Song of the Day #3,964: ‘All For Myself’ – Sufjan Stevens

Ah, one of my favorite things, a holiday that falls on a Random Weekend. A chance to spin the wheel and come up with a match that’s surprisingly appropriate, hysterically inappropriate, or somewhere in between.

Before I find out which it is, let me wish a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to my own beloved mother, who brightens every day with her warmth, wit and wisdom.

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Song of the Day #3,746: ‘Now That I’m Older’ – Sufjan Stevens

I don’t have much patience for songs like this one from Sufjan Stevens’ 2010 album The Age of Adz.

This reminds me of Radiohead post-OK Computer. Many critics would call that a great thing, but I think Radiohead was just swell right through OK Computer and then turned into total garbage.

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