Song of the Day #180: ‘Red River Shore’ – Bob Dylan

bobbydyalnTen Best Songs of 2008 – #2

It might not be exactly fair to list a Bob Dylan song that was written at least a dozen years ago among my best 2008 songs, but last year was ‘Red River Shore’s first release on an album ( Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8) so I think it qualifies.

Dylan’s latest bootleg collection has enough wonderful “new” material to fill a proper album, and the fact that his discards are this good is a pretty telling fact about America’s greatest songwriter. Love him or hate him (and I know plenty of people on both sides), you can’t deny that he’s a unique and prolific talent.

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Bob Dylan – Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series Vol. 8

bootlegVolume 8 in Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series is one of the best yet, and that’s saying a lot. This collection focuses on the past 20 years of Dylan’s career and it’s amazing that, though his voice has become more and more limited, his songs are just getting better and better.

Though the two-disc set isn’t sequenced this way, it basically boils down to 1) a collection of live and alternate takes of songs on his last five studio albums, and 2) a dozen or so little-known gems that, if released as a proper album, would rank right up there with Dylan’s finest work.

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