Song of the Day #3,980: ‘Bootylicious’ – Destiny’s Child

My musical landscape was so narrow at the turn of the millennium that Destiny’s Child somehow completely escaped my attention. The trio’s 2001 album Survivor was a massive hit but not one I listened to even once.

One great thing about the streaming era is the freedom it gives you to listen to any number of different genres without the monetary risk. In fact, the more new music you consume the more of a bargain you’re getting for the $10-15 per month you’re spending with Apple, Amazon or Spotify. Back in 2001, I wouldn’t have dropped $12 to buy an R&B album on spec. Today, I’d at least give it a shot.

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Song of the Day #384: ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – Survivor

survivor20 Best Songs of the 80s – #18

1982 brought Rocky III, at the time just about the best movie ever. I remember the thrill of hearing the Rocky theme music kicking in over the United Artists logo as I sat in the 167th Street theater in North Miami.

Rocky III had Mr. T as Clubber Lang and Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips. It had the death of Mickey and the evolution of Apollo Creed from enemy to friend and trainer. It had that great Talia Shire motivational speech (“not for money or me”) followed by the training montage to end all training montages.

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