Song of the Day #3,316: ‘Step Inside This House’ – Lyle Lovett vs. The Beatles

Here we are, at the last matchup in Round Three of Montauk Madness. Things are moving fast now; we’ll be down to the final eight artists next week.

This battle might seem like a laugher in the broader world, but around these parts I expect it will be a nail-biter. Lyle Lovett vs. The Beatles. Lovett got here by dispatching Elliott Smith with 89% of the vote in Round One before winning a tighter match against Bruce Springsteen (63/38). The Beatles unanimously defeated Shakira then toppled Ben Folds with 80%. This matchup will be the first real test of the Fab Four. Continue reading

Song of the Day #425: ‘Bears’ – Lyle Lovett

stepinsideI hope I’m not being too harsh when I say that The Road to Ensenada was Lyle Lovett’s last great album. He’s made several good ones since then, but nothing that compares to his output from 1986-1996.

In fact, Lovett released six full-length albums of original material during his first decade as a recording artist and has released only two in the 13 years since. He has filled the rest of that time with soundtrack appearances, covers albums and a live release. I often wonder about those bursts of creativity that give way to long dry spells, and Lovett is another example. I don’t necessarily suspect that his best work is behind him, but I wonder if he still possesses the creative fire that led to that extraordinary run.

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