Song of the Day #3,316: ‘Step Inside This House’ – Lyle Lovett vs. The Beatles

Here we are, at the last matchup in Round Three of Montauk Madness. Things are moving fast now; we’ll be down to the final eight artists next week.

This battle might seem like a laugher in the broader world, but around these parts I expect it will be a nail-biter. Lyle Lovett vs. The Beatles. Lovett got here by dispatching Elliott Smith with 89% of the vote in Round One before winning a tighter match against Bruce Springsteen (63/38). The Beatles unanimously defeated Shakira then toppled Ben Folds with 80%. This matchup will be the first real test of the Fab Four.

As much as I love Lyle Lovett, I won’t have a problem voting for The Beatles here. Too much history, too much influence and too many wonderful songs tip the scales to their side. Lovett is a unique and special talent, worthy of a spot in the final eight against other competition, but you play the cards you’re dealt.

That picture hanging on the wall
Was painted by a friend
He gave it to me all down and out
When he owed me ten
Now it doesn’t look like much I guess
But it’s all that’s left of him
And it sure is nice from right over here
When the light’s a little dim

Step inside my house babe
I’ll sing for you a song
I’ll tell you about where I’ve been
It shouldn’t take too long
I’ll show you all the things I own
My treasures you might say
Couldn’t be more then ten dollars worth
But they brighten up my day

Here’s a book of poems I got
From a girl I used to know
I guess I read it front to back
Fifty times or so
It’s all about the good life
And staying at ease with the world
It’s funny how I love that book
And I never loved that girl

Hold this piece of glass
Up to the light coming through the door
It’s a prism glass I found on the road
Can you see that little rainbow
Well it’s not really a prism I guess
It just broke in a funny way
I found it on my way from Texas
Headed for L.A

This guitar was given me
By old man Thomas Gray
It’s not too much to look at
But I pick it every day
It’s been across the country
Four or five times I guess
Between me and old man Tom
It never got much rest

Well that’s about all i own
And all I care to I guess
Except this pair of boots
And that funny yellow vest
And that leather jacket and leather bag
And hat hanging on the wall
Just so it’s not too much to carry
Could I see you again next fall

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,316: ‘Step Inside This House’ – Lyle Lovett vs. The Beatles

  1. The Cool Guy (Daniel) says:

    Lyle Lovett all the way. As you say, this competition would be considered laughable by most outsiders who don’t fully appreciate Lyle Lovett’s work and would simply choose The Beatles based off their legendary status and the fact that it’s pretty much cemented in everyone’s brains that they’re the best band of all time.

    It’s not very hard to find someone who would say The Beatles are the best artist of all time. That’s why as someone who’s an avid fan of Lyle Lovett I don’t think this should be another situation where The Beatles get that title that any Jo Shmo could give them. Here I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to vote for a less appreciated artist who I personally prefer and who I would listen to over The Beatles any day.

  2. Dana says:

    I applaud my son for voting for Lyle and, if every Lyle song was in the jazz/blues style found on about half of Large Band, Pontiac, Joshua Judges Ruth and Road to Ensenada, rather than the country songs to which I am largely indifferent or just don’t care for, Lyle might have my vote as well. But he has run up against a brick wall against the Beatles.

    I too am sad to see Lyle exit this contest (and I take issue with the suggestion that this is the Beatles’ first real test as I think Ben Folds was as formidable a challenger as Lyle, particularly had BFF been included in Folds’ work), but my vote goes to the Fab Four here.

    • Clay says:

      I didn’t mean that comment as a knock on Ben Folds. That was a tough vote for me as well, but the outcome wasn’t close overall.

  3. Amy says:

    I love that you chose this song to feature today, as it reflects much of why Lovett earns my vote today. It’s no surprise that he is my desert island artist, and he earns that spot in part for the reason Dana voted against him. While he clearly falls into a niche in the music industry, that doesn’t stop him from playing with lots of sounds and moods within that space. Blues, country, jazz… I love each and every path he has taken.

    Perhaps no other artist is able to do easily put a lump in my throat, then cause me to laugh out loud, all within the same album. The fact that I have the pleasure to see him perform live on several occasions and witness not only what a true artist he is but also what a funny and gentle man, just makes me feel that much better about my vote.

    I suspect this is an easy pick for only those unfamiliar with his work, so I encourage those voters to vote as they will but then take the time to ask Alexa to play some Lyle Lovett. What a treat those new listeners will get to experience.

  4. Peg says:

    Have to go with the Beatles’ for all the reasons above but I certainly will ask Alexa to play some Lyle as well 😊

  5. Peter says:

    A tough call for me. I’ve never been a big fan of the Beatles, although I respect their influence and the outstanding role that they played for many many artists (who couldn’t?). And I don’t know much about Lyle Lovett. “He was married with Julia Roberts” is not a very convincing criterion in a music contest.
    Listening to this beautiful song makes it easy: I follow my heart, vote for Lyle and listen to more of his songs. I think it’s worth it.

  6. Maddie says:

    The poll seems to have closed already, but my vote would have been for The Beatles. I’ll be excited to see Lyle go on too. πŸ™‚

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