Song of the Day #3,258: ‘Chantaje’ – Shakira vs. The Beatles

I can’t pretend there’s any suspense in the penultimate Round One matchup in Montauk Madness. As much as I enjoy Shakira’s work, especially in her native Spanish, she ain’t putting up a fight against The Beatles.

Of course there is no shame in losing to the Fab Four. And this blog post led me to the discovery that Shakira just released a new album, El Dorado, which I promptly downloaded. So it’s really a win for her.

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Song of the Day #2,586: ‘Gypsy’ – Shakira

shewolfShakira writes the oddest lyrics. Her left-field sensibility is refreshing given her sexpot persona — you’d expect the lyrical complexity of a Britney Spears song from a woman whose stomach is the featured performer in every one of her videos.

Shakira is relatively new to the English language, and I’m guessing that’s the source of some of her weirder turns of phrase.

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Song of the Day #2,113: ‘Spotlight’ – Shakira

shakiraI don’t know if I can defend — on artistic grounds — my enduring affection for Shakira.

Her lyrics are often absurd, and only sometimes intentionally. Her voice can be jarring, even grating. Her music tends toward mid-tempo soft rock with a dash of top 40.

And yet I own, and love, all eight of her studio albums — including five recorded in part or in full in Spanish.

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Song of the Day #1,910: ‘Poem to a Horse’ – Shakira

laundry_serviceWhen driving I often listen to complete albums, but since I switched from a CD player to a USB drive I’m just as likely to let it play songs in random order. It’s a nice way to hear a broader selection of my music collection, songs I might not reach for otherwise.

It’s also good for blog fodder. The Wallflowers’ ‘One Headlight’ popped up the other day and inspired Monday’s SOTD post. And this morning I was treated to today’s Shakira track.

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