Song of the Day #2,523: ‘Will it Grow’ – Jakob Dylan

seeingthingsToday’s Random Weekend selection is appropriate for Father’s Day, given the lineage of the featured artist. Happy Father’s Day to my own dad, as well as all of the other fathers out there.

Jakob Dylan put out two solo albums in 2008 and 2010 while The Wallflowers were on hiatus. Both were quiet, largely acoustic folk albums, more like something from Jakob’s dad’s early career than the roots rock of The Wallflowers.

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Song of the Day #129: ‘War is Kind’ – Jakob Dylan

jakobToday’s song is a sad little anti-war ditty by Jakob Dylan from his recent solo album Seeing Things.

Like his father, Dylan has a way with war songs. And also like his father, he does a nice job not singing about the specific skirmish in which we currently find ourselves. Though it was written during the Iraq war, it could just as easily be about World War II or the Civil War. There is something elemental about the experience of men (and women) at battle that transcends the politics of war.

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Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things

Poor Jakob Dylan. While his lineage no doubt gave him a leg up in the music business, it has also prevented him from ever really being appreciated on his own merits. And that’s a shame, because he is a truly great artist.

I’m not sure if Dylan’s first solo outing, Seeing Things, marks the end of The Wallflowers. I hope not, because the band has put out several very strong rock albums that are quite different from this stripped down affair featuring mostly just Dylan and his guitar. To reference an artist they’re often compared to, The Wallflowers’ albums are to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. what Seeing Things is to Springsteen’s Nebraska.

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