Song of the Day #2,244: ‘Whirlpool’ – Seal

sealMy general ambivalence to R&B and soul music has kept me from really appreciating Seal, though I generally like what I hear.

I find ‘Kiss From a Rose’ and ‘Crazy,’ his best-known songs, excellent, but I’ve never been moved to listen to the rest of those albums, let alone seek out the other half-dozen records he’s released since.

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Song of the Day #1,400: ‘Newborn Friend’ – Seal

I’m not sure how big a milestone 1,400 songs of the day represents, but everybody loves a nice even number so… yay, me!

This weekend’s first randomly selected artist is Seal, who has never before graced the blog, or even been mentioned on it.

I own two Seal albums because my wife owned two Seal albums when we met. I have listened to them exactly zero times.

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