Song of the Day #263: ‘Rock Bottom’ – Eminem

eminem1After seeing Ben Folds in concert recently my sister made the astute observation that Folds is half sensitive, perceptive songwriter and half obnoxious frat boy. She’s a big fan of the former and not too keen on the latter, and was upset that the frat boy played a prominent role in the live show.

Well, Eminem is sort of like that times a thousand. He’s guilty of some of the most obnoxious, juvenile and downright stupid lyrics known to man but he’s also capable of real insight and emotional honesty. Songs such as ‘Stan,’ ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ and ‘Sing for the Moment’ are both great music and gut-wrenching poetry. But ‘Big Weenie,’ ‘Ass Like That’ and ‘Cum on Everybody’ … well, I’ll let the titles speak for themselves.

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