Song of the Day #4,258: ‘Like Egypt Was’ – Michael Penn

This song appeared on Michael Penn’s 1997 Resigned, the singer-songwriter’s third album, and third great album at that.

Penn would release two more albums over the ensuing eight years and then hang up his pop music hat for good. Or at least it seems that way, 15 years later. Maybe Penn will surprise his once-devoted fans with a new album release one of these days. I won’t hold my breath.

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Song of the Day #440: ‘Out of My Hands’ – Michael Penn

resignedThe circumstances surrounding my first two Michael Penn albums — a very timely and special gift on the one hand, and the soundtrack to a key period of my life on the other — pretty much solidified me as a fan for life. So it was with great anticipation that I purchased Penn’s third album, Resigned, in 1997.

Again, he didn’t disappoint. I’ve already called Free-For-All his best album and pointed out that March is right up there with it. Well, Resigned is a challenger to that throne as well. In fact, it would probably be the hands-down winner if I had the sort of positive connotations with it that I do for the other two albums.

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