Song of the Day #2,378: ‘Problem (Live)’ – Ariana Grande


Best Songs of 2014 – #4
‘Problem’ – Ariana Grande

If I weren’t such a radio-averse music snob, this would probably be my song of the year. It’s a perfectly crafted piece of ear candy — a whole party in three minutes.

Ariana Grande’s voice goes a mile high and an inch deep, and that’s exactly what this song requires. The staccato horn fills serve as a sublime introduction to the verses, and the whispered chorus is a stellar left-field touch.

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Song of the Day #2,145: ‘Problem’ – Ariana Grande

ariana_grandeNext week I’m going to launch the next installment of my “keeping up with what the kids are listening to” series, in which I feature songs currently topping Billboard’s Hot 100.

I suspect I might be jumping the gun by posting Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ today. I don’t know where it sits on that chart (and I won’t cheat and look now) but based on the growing buzz, I’m guessing it’s pretty high.

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