Song of the Day #3,276: ‘For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her’ – Simon & Garfunkel vs. Prince

This might be the most incongruous matchup of Montauk Madness’ second round — the gentle acoustic folk rock of Simon & Garfunkel against the hyper-sexual experimental funk of Prince.

Simon & Garfunkel made it here by eliminating Rufus Wainwright rather easily, with 80% of the vote. Prince had an even simpler path, picking up 91% against Squeeze. I imagine they’ll both have a harder time in this round, though I don’t have a ready prediction as to who will win. Continue reading


Song of the Day #3,241: ‘Tempted’ – Squeeze vs. Prince

David Bowie made his Round One appearance and, at least by my vote, bested his first Montauk Madness opponent. Now it’s time for another musical legend who died in 2016 to try his luck, as Prince faces off against the British New Wave band Squeeze.

This is a more difficult decision than it might seem. While I acknowledge Prince’s unique genius and his contribution to rock and R&B music, I don’t own many of his albums. But neither do I own many Squeeze albums.

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Song of the Day #2,956: ‘Dirty Mind’ – Prince

prince_dirty_mindMost of the retrospectives that followed Prince’s death earlier this year singled out 1980’s Dirty Mind as his first great album and one of his very best, peiod.

This sexually explicit funk-pop classic was Prince’s third album, and the first on which he played pretty much every instrument. The five-star AllMusic review trumpets its influence on the decade to come, saying “its fusion of synthesizers, rock rhythms, and funk set the style for much of the urban soul and funk of the early ’80s.”

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Song of the Day #2,827: ‘Computer Blue’ – Prince

purple_rain_princeThe fourth track from Prince’s classic Purple Rain soundtrack, ‘Computer Blue,’ underwent major changes between concept and final execution. The song originally ran about 14 minutes and ended with “three full minutes of screeching feedback,” according to Wikipedia. I’d say saner minds prevailed.

Apparently the song was trimmed after ‘Take Me With U’ was added to the album lineup, though I’m not sure what one thing has to do with the other.

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Song of the Day #2,791: ‘Slow Love’ – Prince

pricne_sign_o_the_timesI’m not sure how I’ve posted seven and a half years worth of Songs of the Day and managed to never feature a track from Prince’s 1987 masterpiece Sign O’ the Times. Today’s Random iTunes Selection remedies that oversight.

I admire Prince’s talent but I’m a casual fan, if that. I own only a few of his albums and rarely listen to them. But Sign O’ the Times is a straight-up classic, with every track across its two discs scoring in its own unique way.

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Song of the Day #2,573: ‘1999’ – Prince

prince_1999Las week I counted down my personal favorite albums of 1982, a list that contained some great titles but made no claim to truly represent that year’s musical output.

I turned 10 that year, after all, and I haven’t spent the next 32 seeking out every album I missed during my childhood.

For the next two weeks, I’ll highlight tracks from some of the 1982 albums that might have made my list had I been more familiar with them.

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