Song of the Day #3,527: ‘One’ – Harry Nilsson

For almost as long as I’ve been postings Songs of the Day (10 years come July!) I’ve wanted to do a series of songs named after numbers. One month’s worth, from ‘One’ to ‘Thirty One.’ For some reason I never got around to it until now.

Each day of March, I’ll feature a song that shares a title with the date. Wherever possible, I’ll use songs whose titles are just the number with no words. But that’s harder to pull off for some numbers, and sometimes I just like a song enough to give it a pass.

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Song of the Day #1,352: ‘One’ – U2

My recent countdown of favorite 90s bands might have given the impression that the decade really and truly sucked.

And while I do think the 90s pale in comparison to, say, the 60s and 80s in terms of signature sound, some of my favorite work was produced during the decade.

To prove the point, over the next several weeks I will count down my 20 favorite albums released in the 90s.

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