Song of the Day #5,259: ‘Bright Tonight’ – Garbage

Today’s random selection is a bonus track from Garbage’s 2012 album Not Your Kind of People.

This and other bonus tracks were released as part of a “deluxe edition” of the album, a practice that became more and more common during the CD era. Deluxe editions seemed to fade a bit as CDs gave way to streaming, but I’ve seen more of them creep up lately.

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Song of the Day #3,781: ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ – Garbage

‘Automatic Systemaitc Habit’ is the lead track on Garbage’s 2012 album Not Your Kind of People, their first record after a seven-year hiatus.

Garbage is very much a late 90s band, with their first three (and best three) albums coming out between 1995 and 2001. 2005’s Bleed Like Me was a misstep and for a while seemed like the end of the band. But this album showed a renewed spirit and a sound very much like the one they mastered back in the day.

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Song of the Day #1,476: ‘Beloved Freak’ – Garbage

It’s been seven years since Garbage’s last album — 2005’s Bleed Like Me — and for most of that time it was unclear whether the band would ever record together again. So the announcement of this year’s Not Your Kind of People was a pleasant surprise.

The sound of this album is similar to that of the band’s self-titled debut — hard-edged grunge with a splash of techno. On subsequent albums, Garbage dabbled in genre flourishes such as 50s pop and punk, but they’ve always been most comfortable in this mode.

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