Song of the Day #2,670: ‘Blame Game’ – Kanye West

beautiful_dark_twistedAmid all of Kanye West’s silliness and tabloid shenanigans, it’s easy to forget that he can lay down some fascinating music. Today’s Random iTunes track, ‘Blame Game,’ is a great example.

An emotional climax of West’s excellent 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, ‘Blame Game’ chronicles the end of a relationship with a mix of jealousy, name-calling, self-loathing and bravado. And it’s all topped off with a hilarious Chris Rock monologue riffing on the song’s themes.

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Song of the Day #915: ‘Runaway’ – Kanye West

Best Songs of 2010 – #4

This is probably the most talked about and praised song on the most talked about and praised album of 2010. And it’s a testament to what Kanye West has done here that he’s able to transcend that tremendous hype.

I do consider My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy overrated, but that’s because it couldn’t possibly have been rated higher than it was. I don’t believe I’ve seen a top ten list yet that didn’t have this album perched at number one.

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Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I read a recent interview with Kanye West in which he expressed delight at the fact that he’s reached the pinnacle of stardom in the music world despite the fact that he “can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t play an instrument.”

Indeed, those would seem like important qualities (the singing and playing instruments, anyway) and 20 years ago it’s hard to imagine a man like West finding a career — as a performer — in the industry. He no doubt would have been a fine producer back then, and he’s one of the finest we have today.

But West is definitely not content to live behind the scenes. He craves the spotlight, despite (or maybe because of) the harsh light in which it paints him. On his messy, brilliant new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he spends 70 minutes laying bare his flaws, fears and insecurities and proclaiming himself the greatest artist who ever lived — often at the same time.

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