Song of the Day #3,270: ‘Country Nation’ – Brad Paisley

Here’s another track by a recent contender in Montauk Madness. Brad Paisley held an early lead over Lana Del Rey, but did he hang on to win? And will those turned off by this full-throated celebration of beer-swilling, football-watching country music fans regret voting for him over the enigmatic chanteuse?

This song is a good example of why I ultimately voted against Paisley. He’s good for one or two of these anthems per album, and that feels way too much like a formula. Continue reading

Song of the Day #2,370: ‘High Life’ – Brad Paisley


Best Songs of 2014 – #10
‘High Life’ – Brad Paisley

After the disastrous ‘Accidental Racist’ derailed his ambitious album Wheelhouse, Brad Paisley retreated to lick his wounds and came back this year with a good-old country record, Moonshine in the Trunk.

It’s a fun album but not an entirely memorable one, especially when compared to the excellent stretch of records that culminated in American Saturday Night.

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Song of the Day #2,233: ‘Cover Girl’ – Brad Paisley

brad_paisley_moonshine_trunkBrad Paisley took a massive hit to his credibility, not to mention his album sales, with 2013’s Wheelhouse.

The harsher blows were due to the ill-advised crapfest ‘Accidental Racist,’ a stab at racial harmony (performed with LL Cool J) that turned out laughably bad and, ironically, a bit racist itself.

But the album’s lack of chart success (relative to Paisley’s astronomical sales numbers up to that point) wasn’t the fault of ‘Accidental Racist.’ It was a sign that Paisley’s increasingly experimental, envelope-pushing approach to country music had finally alienated a sizable portion of his audience.

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