Song of the Day #2,273: ‘Magic Marker’ – Monsters of Folk

monstersoffolkIt’s been five years since the “supergroup” Monsters of Folk released their self-titled debut album. I don’t know if Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis, Jim James and M. Ward have plans to ever record together again but I sure hope so.

I fall in love with this album all over again every time I hear it. The blend of voices and perspectives is spot-on, elevating the material above most of what I’ve heard from these guys doing their day jobs.

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Song of the Day #886: ‘Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)’ – Monsters of Folk

Next week I’ll start looking back on 2010, highlighting the songs that stuck with me this year and counting down my top ten. But first, here’s one last theme week.

My next five songs will look at different aspects of religious faith. I’ll feature tunes that express doubt, fervent belief and outright anger. All are the rare pop songs that explore the idea of a higher power with passion and dramatic flair.

First up is supergroup Monsters of Folk, who opened their self-titled 2009 debut with today’s track, ‘Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.).’

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Song of the Day #533: ‘Baby Boomer’ – Monsters of Folk

Best Songs of 2009 – #6

I could have picked just about any song on Monster of Folk’s self-titled album for this year-end list… this album is solid from start to finish across a variety of styles and deliveries.

I’ve gone with ‘Baby Boomer’ because it makes excellent use of all three singers’ voices (those singers being Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, Jim James of My Morning Jacket and M. Ward) and really plays up how well these individual artists have come together as a band.

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Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk

I find it a lot harder to write CD reviews than movie reviews, partly because I need to listen to an album carefully several times before I feel comfortable writing about it and things pile up. So I have a handful of 2009 albums sitting unreviewed that I hope to get to over the next couple of weeks so I can have a proper summary of my year in music.

I don’t buy a ton of albums, not compared to true music hounds. I average maybe 15-20 per year, generally the new releases of artists I like and a few attempts to broaden my horizons by picking up something new that’s receiving a lot of acclaim.

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