Song of the Day #2,078: ‘Beyoncé Medley’ – Superfruit

superfruit_beyonceThe two male vocal leads from Pentatonix, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, produce a YouTube side project called Superfruit in which they crack wise on camera and deliver some pretty amazing songs.

A couple of weeks ago I linked to their performance of the Frozen soundtrack, with fellow Pentatonix member Kirstie Maldonado in support.

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Song of the Day #549: Abbey Road medley – The Beatles

For my final Beatles song, or at least my final Beatles Weekend song, I’m going with not a single track but the medley that closes side two of Abbey Road. Technically, this medley probably begins with ‘Sun King’ or even ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ — I don’t know if the band members ever clarified which songs are officially part of it — but this YouTube clip I found starts with ‘Mean Mr. Mustard.’

This is an odd little group of songs. It starts with sketches of Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam, an interesting brother and sister team… he shouts obscenities at the queen while she dresses in drag.

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