Song of the Day #306: ‘I’m Fucking Matt Damon’ – Sarah Silverman

silvermanIt’s nice to see that the YouTube age has brought back the idea of comedy through song. In the early 70s you had the Smothers Brothers. The late 70s had Steve Martin. The 80s ushered in Spinal Tap and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic (both of whom continue to record today). But the 90s was a dry spell for comedy set to a tune.

Then sometime in the past decade, YouTube made it possible for funny songs to go viral, and we got an explosion of them — from the political satire of the Jib Jab songs to ‘Dick in a Box’ and a whole lot in between. Adam Sandberg has just about single-handedly carried the torch with ‘Box’ and such gems as ‘Lazy Sunday,’ ‘Natalie Raps’ and ‘Motherlover.’

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