Song of the Day #3,663: ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ – Kesha

Before I intervened with some Frank Sinatra, this was the randomly dialed-up song slated for my father’s 75th birthday. Not exactly the best fit.

On the other hand, a pop-rock anthem by Kesha (featuring Eagles of Death Metal) encouraging people to ignore criticism and shine on through the negativity is appropriate on any day, including a milestone birthday.

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Song of the Day #3,428: ‘Praying’ – Kesha

If you had told me in 2010, after the release of ‘Tik Tok,’ that I would one day not only own a Kesha album but really enjoy it, I’d have thought you mad.

That song was like an R-rated version of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ and Kesha (then Ke$ha) seemed just as packaged and talentless.

What a difference seven years, an eating disorder and alleged sexual harassment and rape by producer Dr. Luke makes.

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