Song of the Day #3,985: ‘I Know Him’ – Hamilton cast

Boy, Hamilton sure is brilliant. This ditty from early in Act Two runs less than two minutes and yet captures so much of what is smart, funny and musically interesting about the work.

Coming right after the emotional George Washington send-off ‘One Last Time,’ this playful track serves as King George’s exit and a shift from the Revolutionary period to the messier work of building a new government.

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Song of the Day #2,850: ‘You’ll Be Back’ – Jonathan Groff

hamiltonMost of Hamilton is composed in the hip-hop/R&B style, paired with the sound of traditional Broadway musical theater, but on a few tracks, Lin-Miranda Manuel goes full-on British invasion. Appropriately, those songs are performed by the head of a different sort of British invasion, King George III.

Played memorably (until a couple of weeks ago) by Jonathan Groff, George is foppish and sarcastic and a little bit sadistic. He wants to colonies under his thumb, to quote another British rock band, and he’ll remind them of it ever so melodically.

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Song of the Day #1,062: ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff

Top Ten ‘Glee’ Performances – Season 2
#8 – ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – Rachel & Jesse

Jonathan Groff’s Jesse St. James played a key role in ‘Glee’s first season, starting a romance with Rachel at the request of her birth mother (his Vocal Adrenaline coach, played by Idina Menzel) before breaking both her heart and an egg on her head.

Groff is best friends with Lea Michele, having starred alongside her in the Broadway production of Spring Awakening, and their chemistry has been apparent in the several duets they’ve performed on ‘Glee.’

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