Song of the Day #2,085: ‘Invisible’ – U2

u2_invisibleAnother new album promised this year — though the date has been a moving target — is the latest from U2.

It’s been five years since their last effort, the underwhelming No Line on the Horizon, and 10 years since their last major success, How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb. That qualifies this upcoming album as a bona fide comeback record, even for the what’s still considered the best rock-n-roll band working today.

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Song of the Day #1,511: ‘Invisible’ – Michael Penn

Time for some more ‘Pure Pop,’ this time in the person of Mr. Michael Penn.

Penn’s biggest influence has always been the ultimate pop band, The Beatles, and he’s never really strayed from his winning formula.

From the “Romeo in black jeans” exuberance of his first and only hit, ‘No Myth,’ to the last track of his last album, 2005’s Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947, Penn has delivered one hook after another, demonstrating talent and consistency that his more famous contemporaries would kill for.

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