Song of the Day #4,280: ‘License to Kill’ – Bob Dylan

Infidels is probably my 16th or 17th favorite Bob Dylan album, but that’s enough to make it my 10th favorite album of 1983.

I didn’t discover this album until I did a Dylan deep-dive on the blog in 2010. As big a Dylan fan as I am, I had a blind spot for his work between 1976’s Desire and 1989’s Oh Mercy. Oh Mercy was the first Dylan album I bought upon its release, while I had gobbled up his pre-Desire albums (almost all classics) as a younger teen.

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Song of the Day #693: ‘I and I’ – Bob Dylan

I’ve been playing Infidels a lot during the past week, learning it the way you do with a new album, and it’s growing on me more and more. I’m planning to rank all of Dylan’s albums once I’ve cycled through his discography on these Dylan Weekends and I’m already anticipating what a daunting task that will be.

I’ve always had my favorites and my second tier, but I’ve now introduced great new albums such as Infidels, Planet Waves, Street Legal and Slow Train Coming, with another undiscovered album still to come. And then there are the albums I still don’t own but have come to appreciate from afar — Self Portrait, Dylan, Saved and Shot of Love.

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Song of the Day #692: ‘Jokerman’ – Bob Dylan

After four years of the “Christian thing” (which is a long time in music years), Bob Dylan released the (mostly) secular Infidels in 1983 and it was celebrated as a return to form.

And indeed it is his best album from that mid-70s to late-80s period when he was at his shakiest. As I’ve discovered through these blog entries, that period wasn’t quite as shaky as I’d been led to believe but it was shaky.

Infidels is another album that I purchased expressly for the purposes of this blog and I’m really glad I did. I’m not sure why I never got around to buying it in the past, because I’ve always heard it’s a good album, so it was nice to have the excuse.

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