Song of the Day #6: ‘Hold On, Hold On’ – Neko Case

I have many reasons to love Neko Case’s 2006 album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood: her amazing, husky vocals; her stellar songwriting; the production that hits a perfect balance between earnest country and gothic romance.

But Reason #1 is that it’s my 6-year-old daughter’s favorite CD. When we’re in my car, Sophia likes to rifle through my CD case and pick an album for us to listen to during the ride. Months ago she was immediately drawn to the Fox Confessor Brings the Flood disc because, well, it has a cartoon fox on it. Two songs in, she was hooked.

From then on, she didn’t need to look at the CD case. When we got in the car, she’d say “Can we listen to the fox CD?” And I’d happily oblige. We’re not talking about Barney here… this is as rich and gorgeous an album as I’ve heard in years, filled with beautiful sad songs about heartbreak and loneliness. I have to say, my kid has great taste in music.

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