Song of the Day #4,560: ‘Happiness’ – Taylor Swift

Following Taylor Swift’s last two album releases — Lover and Folklore — I spent a week counting down the tracks in order of my preference. I never expected this to be such a frequently occurring segment, but here we are, as Swift dropped her second straight surprise album of 2020 two week back.

Evermore is a sister record to Folklore, recorded with the same collaborators and in the same style. It feels more like Folklore: B-sides than a brand-new release, but it’s a strong collection in its own right. In keeping with the new tradition, I’ll spend the week ranking Evermore‘s songs from worst to best.

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Song of the Day #4,278: ‘Happiness’ – Elliott Smith

A month ago, the Random iTunes Fairy served up Elliott Smith songs on back-to-back weekends. Now she’s back with another one, the 11th from his catalog to appear on Random Weekends.

The RIF must really like Elliott Smith. He is outperforming the percentages considerably. The law of averages would predict about half as many Smith posts as we’ve gotten.

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