Belated thoughts on the Grammys

I realize few people care about the Grammys as they’re occurring, let alone three days later, but I’ve been meaning to jot down a few impressions I got from the annual ceremony.

The Grammys are more of an all-star concert event and a marketing vehicle for the recording industry than an awards show, and that’s part of what makes them so fun. This year’s show didn’t have many particularly memorable moments but it did manage to entertain and sometimes infuriate.

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They are celebrating in the favelas!

mia2So M.I.A. was nominated for a Record of the Year Grammy for ‘Paper Planes,’ last Friday’s Song of the Day.

She has been popping up a lot lately, especially on my own car radio, where a generational war of sorts has broken out each morning.

As always, the younger generation is pushing for edgier music while the elder prefers the old melodic standbys. In this case, it’s my 3-year-old daughter Fiona who has emerged as a big M.I.A. fan while 6-year-old Sophia can’t stand “that awful CD.”

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