Song of the Day #3,250: ‘Perfect Couples’ – Belle & Sebastian

I recently registered my vote for Talking Heads over Stevie Wonder in the Montauk Madness competition. Today’s random SOTD is one of the reasons why.

I hear the influence of Talking Heads all over the music I like. I’d never expect the delicate Scottish band Belle & Sebastian to lay down a groove like this, but here they are, channeling David Byrne’s ground-breaking work in a move that makes me appreciate both bands even more.

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Song of the Day #2,745: ‘Play For Today’ – Belle & Sebastian

b-s_girls-in-peacetime_packshot-1Best Songs of 2015 – #1
‘Play For Today’ – Belle & Sebastian

I had more Top 40 hits in this year’s top twenty countdown than I ever have before, so I guess I’ve earned the right to go full indie geek and give my #1 spot to an epic Belle & Sebastian song about battling depression.

What did you expect, ‘Hotline Bling?’

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Song of the Day #2,401: ‘Ever Had a Little Faith?’ – Belle & Sebastian

b-s_girls-in-peacetime_packshot-1When R.E.M.’s 1998 album Up, their first without drummer Bill Berry, was met with mixed reviews, Michael Stipe said this in an interview: “If this record dropped out of the sky by a three-piece band that nobody had heard of, people would be in the street shouting at the top of their lungs, naked, about it.”

He was being overly defensive, but I could see his point. Established bands — especially great ones — are always measured against their own legacy, their finest moments.

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