Song of the Day #3,322: ‘Girl From the North Country’ – Bob Dylan vs. Counting Crows

Our next Montauk Madness Round Four matchup is a bit unexpected. It’s not a big surprise to see Bob Dylan here, but this is rare air for Counting Crows, who happen to enjoy quite a bit of popularity among my meager readership.

Dylan made it here by dispatching Miranda Lambert, Eminem and R.E.M. Even though I voted for him all three times, the losses of Lambert and R.E.M. hurt me. I wish they’d had an easier path. Counting Crows took out Morrissey, David Bowie and Ben Folds Five. I picked them in the first two rounds before siding with Ben Folds Five, but even that was a close call.

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Song of the Day #1,550: ‘Girl From the North Country’ – The Dove & The Wolf

Yesterday I looked at how many genome categories applied to each of my favorite artists. Today I’ll approach from the other side and how many artists earned each genome label.

If you slogged through all 35 of my posts leading up to this week, you’ve probably guessed that the most prevalent category is ‘Melancholy.’ And that makes sense, given that it’s a quality that can apply to many different styles of music, as opposed to a style of music itself.

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Song of the Day #562: ‘Girl From the North Country’ – Bob Dylan

There are many potential ways to go about these Dylan weekends. I could present the songs randomly, thematically, chronologically, alphabetically… you name it. In order to lend some organization to the process, I’ve decided to highlight, in pairs, tracks from my favorite Dylan albums according to order of release.

I won’t cover every one of his albums — his work from the mid-70s to the mid-80s is better left forgotten — and I’ll restrict myself to the studio albums, leaving the bootleg records (worthy of a series all their own) aside for the time being. But that still gives me close to 20 albums to work with, encompassing one of the most extraordinary careers in the business.

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