Song of the Day #4,576: ‘Fox in the Snow (Live)’ – Belle and Sebastian

Continuing the chronological presentation of my 25 favorite songs…

Fox in the Snow‘ – Belle and Sebastian (1996)

Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Fox in the Snow’ has shown up every time I’ve done some sort of “desert island discs” feature on this blog, and I wasn’t about to exclude it now that I’m coming up with my definitive list of favorite songs.

As with several songs on this list, ‘Fox in the Snow’ is my favorite song on my favorite album by one of my favorite bands. That status doesn’t apply to about two thirds of this list, but when it does the song in question is usually a key reason that artist became a favorite.

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Song of the Day #2,126: ‘Fox in the Snow (Live)’ – Belle and Sebastian

bellesebasIn Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, my favorite novel, the protagonist Rob Fleming is obsessed with making lists. Lists about life, love and art — mostly about art.

At one point in the book he, as a record store owner, is asked to provide his top five favorite songs for a column in a local magazine. The prospect of having one of his lists set in stone and published for all the world to see scares him to death.

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Song of the Day #187: ‘Fox in the Snow’ – Belle & Sebastian

sinisterI really like the word ‘twee.’ It’s one of those words (and I think there’s a name for this) that sounds like what it means. Sort of like ‘guttural’ or ‘effervescent.’ I mean, can you think of a more twee word than ‘twee?’

Twee is also the most common adjective I’ve seen applied to Belle and Sebastian. They are certainly among the more delicate sounding bands out there. One could argue that their music is for pale art class geeks who would fall into a seizure if they heard genuine rock and roll.

I get that. But done right, I find delicacy in popular music a marvelous thing. And Belle and Sebastian most definitely do it right.

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