Song of the Day #3,282: ‘I Know (Live)’ – Fiona Apple vs. Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley took out Lana Del Rey in Round One of Montauk Madness, and now he faces another enigmatic female singer-songwriter in Fiona Apple. Apple is both a better singer and a better songwriter than Del Rey (which is high praise for her, not a shot at Del Rey), but does she have the stuff to take out one of country music’s leading men?

Paisley picked up 75% of the vote in defeating Del Rey, while Apple defeated another female singer-songwriter, Dar Williams, with 80%. Continue reading

Song of the Day #2,123: ‘I Know (Live)’ – Fiona Apple

fiona1A couple of weeks back, I posted a week’s worth of songs that fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff listed as essential in the Rolling Stone Guest List column.

Naturally, I wondered which five songs I would pick if asked to contribute to the same sort of list. This week I’ll give my answer.

There is no such thing, for me at least, as a top five, top ten or even top fifty “favorite songs” list. My favorites are fluid depending on my mood. A burst of pop adrenaline might sound like perfection one day and overkill the next. So I wouldn’t consider this a list of favorites.

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Song of the Day #13: ‘I Know’ – Fiona Apple

Just about every one of my songs of the day so far have been about something other than the song. Sure, I like all of those songs, but I picked them as a way to talk about other issues.

This one, though, is all about the song.

If I were forced at gunpoint to rescue only ten songs from my collection and have the rest go up in flames, I would pull my hair out trying to decide on nine of them. But without a doubt one of the ten would be Fiona Apple’s ‘I Know.’

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