Song of the Day #638: ‘Flirting with Time’ – Tom Petty

I should do a Tom Petty theme week one of these days. He’s written some incredible music during a career that’s spanned four decades, making him more than worthy of the spotlight. But today I’m focusing on a Petty song from his most recent album in order to tell a tale of an encounter in a far off land.

OK, it wasn’t that far off a land… it was Chicago. Alex and I were there for a wedding, enjoying a weekend away from the kids. Whenever I’m in a new city, I always make a point of tracking down the best record stores I can find, whether they’re local and eclectic (like Amoeba Records in San Francisco) or big chains. On this trip, I found myself in a Virgin Megastore downtown (or maybe it was Tower Records… either way, it’s probably closed down by now).

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