Song of the Day #4,511: ‘My Immortal’ – Evanescence

My only exposure to Evanescence — whose album Fallen is next up in my Decades look at the year 2003 — is through this record’s cover image. I recall seeing lead singer Amy Lee’s white face and big eyes staring at me when browsing music aisles back in the day.

Evanescence is a nu metal band out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Their sound is a mix of heavy guitars and lilting piano, Metallica meets Diana Krall. It’s not surprising that they’re completely off my radar because this is not my kind of music.

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Song of the Day #2,004: ‘Fallen’ – Sarah McLachlan

mclachlan_afterglowIn 16 days, I’ll reach the two-year anniversary of Random Weekends. Reaching 2,000 Songs of the Day was an impressive milestone, but somehow the two years of Random Weekends throws me even more.

That’s because I can remember very clearly deciding to move off of artist-specific weekends and into random mode. And it feels like that was just the other day.

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