Song of the Day #3,559: ‘Hotter Than Hell’ – Dua Lipa

After years of resisting, I finally took the plunge and joined the music streaming revolution. Specifically, I signed up for the Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan, which for a little more than $12 per month gives my whole clan access to pretty much every song ever recorded.

I fought this move for so long because I clung to the idea of my own personal music library. If I own everything, do I really own anything? And if I stop paying Amazon one day, am I prepared to lose all of the music I’d virtually amassed? Do I want to be locked into a monthly payment forever?

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Song of the Day #3,475: ‘New Rules’ – Dua Lipa

I always get about a month’s worth of year-end recap posts at this time of year, making it one of my favorite periods. Over the next two weeks I’ll blog about ten of the best music videos to hit screens in 2017, five by women and five by men.

Dua Lipa is a 22-year-old British pop singer who got her start posting covers on YouTube. She released her debut album this year and ‘New Rules,’ the album’s sixth single, reached the top of the UK charts.

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