Song of the Day #3,886: ‘You’re Not Drinking Enough’ – Don Henley

Here’s a track from Don Henley’s 1984 album Building the Perfect Beast, best known for opening track (and bona fide classic) ‘The Boys of Summer.’

That song was written by Henley and Mike Campbell, but all but one other song on the album was written or co-written by Danny Kortchmar, a frequent collaborator of Henley’s. Kortchmar has the sole writing credit on today’s SOTD. He also co-wrote most of the tracks on Henley’s 1989 follow-up, The End of the Innocence.

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Song of the Day #3,806: ‘Leather and Lace’ – Stevie Nicks with Don Henley

Stevie Nicks had already enjoyed extraordinary success with Fleetwood Mac when she released her solo debut, Bella Donna, in 1981.

Nicks was on a hell of a roll at this point in her career. She joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 (along with her writing and life partner Lindsay Buckingham) and anchored the band’s two most popular and acclaimed albums, including 1977’s Rumours, one of the top-selling albums of all-time.

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Song of the Day #803: ‘The Boys of Summer’ – Don Henley

I have a complicated relationship with Don Henley. It probably stems back to my active dislike of The Eagles, because Henley is the most prominent Eagle of all.

He’s immensely talented, no doubt. It’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of a song such as ‘Desperado,’ even as its sibling ‘Hotel California’ makes me want to pull my hair out. And sometimes his vocals just annoy me, while at other times it seems like he has the perfect rock voice. What is it with this guy?

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