Song of the Day #3,890: ‘Remember the Time’ – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous is the top-selling 1991 album worldwide, though it has sold “only” 8 million copies in the United States. Jackson’s follow-up to Bad and Thriller doesn’t have as many hits as those albums but it certainly found an audience.

I remember listening to this album a fair amount when it came out, though skimming it now I don’t recognize most of the songs. The exceptions are ‘Black and White,’ ‘Heal the World,’ ‘Dangerous,’ and today’s SOTD, ‘Remember the Time.’ I don’t much like any of those other than this one, but I like this one a lot.

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Song of the Day #3,437: ‘Dangerous’ – Big Data

I have refused to join the Apple Music generation. Unlimited streaming access to virtually every song ever recorded might sound like a great thing, but the concept makes me uncomfortable.

I like the idea that I have a music collection — a library of artists and albums I have carefully cultivated over three and a half decades. A library that says a whole lot about who I am and how I’ve changed. A music collection is the soundtrack of your life. How can your soundtrack be every damn song ever?

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Song of the Day #3,026: ‘Dangerous’ – The Doobie Brothers

doobie_brothersThis track, the only hit from The Doobie Brothers’ 1991 album Brotherhood, is an ode to original band member Patrick Simmons’ favorite means of transportation — a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ten years later, sometime Doobie Brother Michael Hossack was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, thereby proving the accuracy of this song’s title.

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