Song of the Day #4,895: ‘When Margaret Comes to Town’ – John Mellencamp

Today’s track, from John Mellencamp’s 1994 album Dance Naked, is the fourth Random Weekend song from that record. The most recent was posted this past June.

Lots of Random Weekend love for a minor album in Mellencamp’s discography. Only two other Mellencamp songs have ever been selected by the Random iTunes Fairy, one from Human Wheels and one from Scarecrow. Better albums than this one, for sure.

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Song of the Day #4,719: ‘Too Much To Think About’ – John Mellencamp

Following his record label’s tepid reaction to what might be his best album, 1993’s Human Wheels, John Mellencamp decided to go in a different direction.

1994’s Dance Naked is a bare-bones rock record. Recorded over two weeks, with most of its songs captured in one or two takes, its best-known track is a cover of the Van Morrison song ‘Wild Nights.’

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Song of the Day #4,286: ‘Brothers’ – John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp released my favorite of his albums, Human Wheels, in 1983. Despite that record’s excellence, his label was reportedly unhappy with the result because it didn’t “fit the format.”

In response, Mellencamp delivered a follow-up album that he recorded in just two weeks, with few instruments and little attention to the production. You want the format, he was saying, I’ll give you the format. That album was 1984’s Dance Naked.

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Song of the Day #2,967: ‘The Breakout’ – John Mellencamp

mellencamp_dance_nakedJohn Mellencamp’s 13th album, 1994’s Dance Naked, was recorded and released by Mellencamp in a rush to spite the record company.

He was unhappy with the suits’ lukewarm response to his previous album, the excellent Human Wheels, so he aimed to deliver the sort of mindless rock-n-roll record they preferred.

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