Song of the Day #2,728: ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ – Coldplay

coldplay_head_full_dreamsBest Songs of 2015 – #14
‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ – Coldplay

I recently wrote about my off-and-on relationship with Coldplay, stating that none of their albums has fully grabbed me since 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Their 2015 release, A Head Full of Dreams, didn’t exactly buck that trend, but it is a solid listen. It’s the band’s “fun” record, following 2014’s break-up album Ghost Stories. It’s a sunny and buoyant collection — a cool glass of lemonade on a warm summer day.

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Song of the Day #2,682: ‘Clocks’ – Coldplay

rush_of_bloodColdplay’s sophomore album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, remains their most critically acclaimed and their most commercially successful. For a couple of years following the release of this album, it was actually cool to like Coldplay.

Then, due to their ridiculous success, the whole Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple thing, and who knows what else, it became very uncool to like Coldplay.

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Song of the Day #2,666: ‘Viva La Vida’ – Coldplay

viva_la_vida_coldplayMy 9-year-old, Fiona, just started her second year of violin lessons and she’s gotten pretty good at it. I played a little piano as a kid but it never came natural to me, so it’s nice to see one of my offspring exhibit some musical chops.

As a member of the YouTube generation, Fiona spends a lot of time watching violin tutorials. Recently she came across one for Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ and acquired a whole new appreciation for the song.

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Song of the Day #2,501: ‘Strawberry Swing’ – Coldplay

viva_la_vida_coldplayIn the midst of my Oscar snub countdown, stunned by the outrage of a ‘Stayin’ Alive’ shut-out, I neglected to note the milestone of my 2,500th post.

My 500th Song of the Day was The Beatles’ ‘Twist and Shout‘ and in that post I wrote “I admit there are times when I wonder if I can keep this going for very much longer.”

Song number 1,000 was Fiona Apple’s live cover of Elvis Costello’s ‘I Want You,’ a clip I noted was the first song I ever posted to this blog, before I started the Song of the Day series.

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Song of the Day #2,319: ‘Violet Hill’ – Coldplay

coldplayI haven’t listened to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida since I first bought it six years ago.

I had enjoyed their first two albums, 2000’s Parachutes and especially 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head, but 2005’s X&Y was a mixed bag.

Viva La Vida was met with critical raves for the most part, so I had high hopes. But my first listen was quite underwhelming and I never gave it a second.

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Song of the Day #2,209: ‘God Put a Smile Upon Your Face’ – Coldplay

rush_of_bloodI was surprised to see that this is only the fourth Coldplay song to make the blog in six years of Song of the Day posts.

It’s not that I’m a huge Coldplay fan, but they have a big enough profile (and enough good songs) to make the cut more than four times out of 2,209. And two of the four have come on Random Weekends, at that.

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