Song of the Day #4,281: ‘Running With the Night’ – Lionel Richie

This is surely the first and only list on which I’ll ever have a Lionel Richie album ahead of a Bob Dylan album, but I can’t deny the consistent excellence of Richie’s Can’t Slow Down, my #10 album of 1983.

Can’t Slow Down enjoyed considerable critical and commercial success, and even bested Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. and Prince’s Purple Rain for the Album of the Year Grammy. I can’t say I agree with that particular outcome, but it’s certainly a notch in this album’s belt.

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Song of the Day #2,418: ‘Love Will Find a Way’ – Lionel Richie

lionel_richieI recently bought Lionel Richie’s Can’t Stop Now on an impulse after getting ‘Stuck On You’ stuck in my head one afternoon.

It’s a great album. Six of its eight tracks were major hits. Today’s SOTD is one of the two that weren’t, but it too is a silky piece of soulful pop balladry.

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