Song of the Day #2,418: ‘Love Will Find a Way’ – Lionel Richie

lionel_richieI recently bought Lionel Richie’s Can’t Stop Now on an impulse after getting ‘Stuck On You’ stuck in my head one afternoon.

It’s a great album. Six of its eight tracks were major hits. Today’s SOTD is one of the two that weren’t, but it too is a silky piece of soulful pop balladry.

This is also a nice random selection on the day that happens to be my 18th wedding anniversary. Indeed, love found a way.

Are you feeling down, and lonely.
Feeling like you can’t go on.
Just remember love will find a way.

Tell me are you going through changes.
Time seems like it’s passing by.
Just believe that love will find a way.

I see the tears you cry.
I see the pain that’s in your eyes.
So many times you were so lonely.
And no one seemed to care.
But if your hopes, for your tomorrows.
Are drowning in your sorrows.
Know your heart will show you the way.

Are you trying to find a beginning.
Or something just to hold on to.
Always know that love will find a way.

Is it hard this life you’re living.
Does the world seem so unkind.
Don’t you worry love will find a way.

Some say we’ve lost, our way.
Some say the world has gone astray.
But if you know where you’re going.
There’s nothing you can’t do.
’cause problems will come.
And they will leave you.
The world will try to deceive you.
But the truth will always be in your soul.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,418: ‘Love Will Find a Way’ – Lionel Richie

  1. Dana says:

    Happy anniversary!

    Ritchie almost irretrievably lost me with the horrendous “Dancing on the Ceiling,” but both with the Commodores and early on solo, he did put out some decent stuff.

  2. pegclifton says:

    How sweet! Happy Anniversary

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