Song of the Day #5,054: ‘Girls & Boys’ – Blur

I’m wrapping up the latest installment of my Decades series with a track from Britpop band Blur’s Parklife, a well-regarded 1994 album that became the band’s best-selling release in their native UK.

My only real exposure to Blur is through 1997’s ‘Song 2‘ (the “woohoo” song; you’ll know it when you hear it), so I was anticipating this album as an opportunity to discover something great.

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Song of the Day #4,381: ‘For Tomorrow’ – Blur

Along with grunge, rap, and boy bands, the 90s music scene was notable for the emergence of Britpop. These bands drew on British influences from the 60s and 70s, blended those sounds with elements of American alternative rock, and dressed it all up with distinctly Anglocentric flavor.

Oasis was the most successful of these bands, with Pulp and Suede competing for their scraps along with Blur, today’s featured artist. I guess one-word band names was a thing for these guys.

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